Winning the Benefits Game with Hospital Indemnity Insurance
  As more carriers choose to get in the Hospital Indemnity insurance game, brokers need to have a couple of key plays when it's a buzzer-beater scenario. We all know how that can happen- just look at the recent NCAA final. Voluntary Hospital Indemnity insurance allows brokers to thrive in this challenging healthcare insurance market by providing employers with cost-cutting solutions while supporting employees as they take greater control of their healthcare benefits.  
  Hospital indemnity insurance is a solution that supplements both traditional HDHPs and HSA-compatible HDHPs, providing employees with a supplemental benefit to help cover their hospital bills. Designed to enhance employee benefits by providing additional security, Hospital Indemnity insurance pays for costs associated with hospitalization. Benefits are paid directly to the employee and can be used to pay for deductibles, copays, co-insurance or even everyday expenses.  
  Hospital indemnity insurance can help make up for what employees cannot afford to spend in out-of-pocket expenses when hospital confined. It can help cover what HSA dollars are not eligible for such as over-the-counter medications, transportation costs, etc. You may use these benefits any way you chose. More than 15 million American adults will deplete their savings to pay medical bills this year.1 This trend and others like it have made voluntary benefits essential in helping employees control their financial futures and pay their healthcare expenses. Particularly some hospital costs, which may not be covered by major medical insurance plans.  
  The key ingredient for voluntary benefits is the flexibility of customization. Kemper Health has evolved with the industry to meet the needs of both brokers and their clients. As a result, the Kemper Health Hospital Indemnity insurance plan provides the flexibility to create a customized plan that mitigates the out-of-pocket exposure of clients’ underlying primary medical plan. This exposure is most relevant to large medical expenses like a hospital stay, averaging $10,000 a stay, or a trip to the emergency room.2  
  For as little as $12 a month for employee only coverage, or about $30 a month per employee with full family coverage, an employer can help provide security and peace of mind to employees who might not embrace the transition to a HDHP.  
  Talk to your clients today and make sure they're prepared with the right game-winning strategy. Kemper Health Hospital Indemnity Insurance is the difference between just playing the benefits game and winning it.  
Call 877.907.5511 or email at sales@kemperbenefits.com to savor victory.
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2 Pfuntner A (Truven Health Analytics), Wier LM (Truven Health Analytics), Steiner C (AHRQ). Costs for Hospital Stays in the United States, 2011. HCUP Statistical Brief #168. December 2013. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, Rockville, MD.
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