Help Your Clients Handle Unexpected Out-of-Network Expenses
  A recent Associated Press (AP) article has shed light on the financial toll out-of-network charges are having on employees, often when medical emergencies occur. When patients are hospitalized for emergency medical care they are often unware which services are considered in-network and which are not.1  
  Even though services from a primary physician may be covered by in-network insurance coverage, services provided by other professionals, such as anesthesiologists, radiologists and emergency room doctors often are not.1

In those cases, the patient will be billed at out-of-network rates. Too often, patients don't realize they've received out-of-network care until they receive a bill for hundreds or thousands of dollars.1
  A Kaiser Family Foundation study cited in the article revealed that nearly a third of insured Americans with financial problems tied to medical bills faced charges that their insurance would not cover. Of those patients, nearly 70 percent did not know the services they received were not covered.  
  While there are a few ways to mitigate the impact of out-of-network charges, complicated plan details and emergency health situations often make them hard to avoid. There are, however, a couple of ways you can help to alleviate financial stress for your client’s employees.  
  Gap Insurance ­– Sometimes out-of-pocket expenses incurred for major medical services create a financial burden. A Kemper Health Gap insurance plan provides added protection that can help employees off-set costs, such as copays and deductibles. Each Gap policy includes benefits for inpatient and optional outpatient procedures. There is also an optional outpatient physician office visit benefit and an optional outpatient prescription drug benefit available, providing greater flexibility for coverage.  
  Hospital Indemnity Insurance – Hospitalization can result in significant out-of-pocket expenses, even if employees are covered by major medical insurance. Employees will appreciate the benefit payments they receive if they or an insured family member is hospitalized due to a covered accident or illness. Benefit payments can be used to help cover health insurance deductibles, copays, incidental hospital charges or for any purpose they choose.  
  Make sure your clients are aware of the financial impact of unexpected out-of-network expenses and what they can do to provide security for their employees.

1 Perrone, Matthew. "Surprise Insurance Fees Often Follow Medical Emergencies." Associated Press. Associated Press, 10 Feb. 2016. Web.
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