Implementation & Administration

The space where Kemper Health is truly set apart comes after the sale, during the implementation and ongoing relationship management of the group. We strive to provide a best in class enrollment and administration experience, that makes doing business with Kemper Health easy.

Kemper Health partners with employers every step of the way with exceptional service. Employers gain support from our account management team who understand workforce needs and company cultures.

Customer service is a critical component of our end-to-end service model. The Kemper Service Center has a dedicated and experienced service team trained to support employer groups, small or large. Our Employer Portal gives employers direct access to tools that securely and accurately manage billing and coverage information.

Employers are able to:

  • Request a Certificate of Coverage
  • View billing information and history
  • Request to change beneficiary information
  • View census detail reports
  • Access employee coverage
  • Request to add dependents
  • Look up eligibility and request changes
  • Request to terminate employee coverage
  • Order new employee ID Cards
  • Request a change to an employee coverage tier
  • Request to change employee contact information

For questions and inquiries, please contact the Kemper Service Center at 844.613.6245 or email us at