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Employers, Employees and Brokers Profit from the Kemper Benefits Approach to Dental and Vision Benefits

Employees are seeking an increasing amount of freedom and flexibility when it comes to their benefits. In fact, 60% of employees are in favor of a wider array of benefit choices1. Two benefits employees are requesting are dental and vision coverage.

The demand for increased flexibility from employees isn’t the only reason employers are looking to offer dental and vision coverage. A number of studies have found a strong correlation between employees’ holistic health and their vision and dental health. Addressing dental and vision health can have an overall positive impact on the use of major medical coverage.

Studies suggest that diabetes leads to worsening of periodontal disease and a significant association between diabetes and periodontitis has been demonstrated. Periodontal inflammation, as with other infections, can have an adverse effect on diabetes glycemic control, compromising diabetes management in these individuals.2

In addition, routine eye exams have helped eye doctors diagnose hypertension and diabetes in patients. High blood pressure can make eye problems worse. People with diabetes are 40% more likely to suffer from glaucoma than people without diabetes.3 These factors are one reason why voluntary vision sales have grown since 2008 and accounted for just over five percent of all voluntary sales in 2014.4

The challenge brokers face is making these important benefits cost-effective for their clients. In fact, the number of employees paying the entire premium for their dental benefits has more than doubled, moving from 10 percent to 23.5 percent between 2010 and 2014.5 As a result, employers are offering voluntary dental and vision, but employees are still concerned about the costs associated with these benefits.

At Kemper Benefits, we’re addressing this issue with a solutions-based approach, one that helps brokers, employers and employees face these financial challenges head on. Rather than offering one size fits all products, we’ve developed Dental and Vision coverage that can be customized to match employer and employee groups, and meet financial and coverage needs. We also work closely with our broker partners to ensure they have the support and materials to effectively educate their clients on the best way to use their enhanced benefit offerings. The results are larger benefit options for employees, cost-effective solutions for employers and increased financial success for our broker partners.


Kemper Benefits offers affordable and flexible dental plan coverage to employers. Kemper Benefits Dental PPO insurance plans are flexible with five plan offerings, including a high-low option, to custom-fit the budget and service preferences of any employee population. Our dental plans are designed to encourage employees to utilize in-network providers and keep the premiums affordable. Employees and their eligible dependents have access to more than 200,000 credentialed dental access points nationwide through the Maximum Care Network™, one of the largest and deeply discounted networks in North America.6 Network contracts and partnerships reduce out-of-pocket costs and provide average aggregate discounts of 5% - 50% below reasonable and customary charges. Out-of-network services are covered, with employees sharing in higher portion of the out-of-network expenses.


The Kemper Benefits Vision insurance plan is designed to give employees enhanced benefits for their eye and vision health without putting a financial burden on employers. Kemper Benefits Vision insurance plan members can find comfort knowing the Kemper Benefits Vision insurance plan can help cover their routine eye examinations and vision correction materials. LASIK services are a common benefit with many other vision care programs, but the Kemper Benefits Vision insurance plan uniquely include in-network discounts and a funded allowance. Kemper Benefits partners with Avesis to offer a network of providers with experience and expertise, including ophthalmologists, optometrists, opticians, as well as national and regional retail vision centers. Our plan affords complete freedom of choice and offers out-of-network benefits that allow employees to be treated by any eye care provider they choose.

If your clients are dealing with the challenge of offering cost-effective dental and vision coverage, Kemper Benefits has your solutions.
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