Producer Appointment

Carrier appointment & Kemper Health producer agreement

In order to begin selling the products available through Kemper Health, you must be recommended through Kemper Health sales personnel. In addition to becoming your point of contact for sales, service and training, this group will assist you in determining contracting and appointment rules for the state(s) you are licensed to serve. Your Kemper Health contact will email you an invitation to our eContracting online system. We look forward to you joining the Kemper Health family of insurance professionals.

If you are requesting appointment, you must have a current life/accident/health license for each state you do business in, be in good standing with the Department of Insurance, and have not been convicted of a serious crime. During this online process, a background check will be performed. If commissions are paid to an agency, some states require that the agency be licensed as well as the individual agent.

You will be notified when the insurance carrier appointment is completed, and a link will be sent to retrieve your executed Producer's Agreement. Until the insurance company completes your appointment, Kemper Health may hold any commissions that are due.