Short Term Disability Insurance

People expect to miss the occasional day or two of work because of illness or injury. But sometimes health issues can lead to extended leaves of absence and even lost income. For example, nearly one in three women can expect to suffer a disability that keeps them out of work for 90 days or longer, and for men the odds are about one in four1. In addition, a 2010 study revealed that 48 percent of Americans do not save any annual income! For these reasons and more, short term disability insurance is more than just a good idea—it is a necessity.

Plan at a glance

  • Group platform
  • Minimum/Maximum benefits amounts: $100-$1500/week
  • Flat benefit amount
  • Maximum percent of salary replacement: Up to 60% (40% in CA, HI, NJ and RI)
  • 24- hour and non-occupational only coverage available (selected at the employer level)
  • Benefit period options: 13 week, 26 week and 52 week benefit periods available

1. Social Security Administration, Fact Sheet, February 7, 2013;